Available for Stud Service-DNA Certified

Bronxx is truly a Polar White Labrador w/Black Pigmentation~eeBb (Polar White: double recessive at the "E" loci with the "cd" allele at the "C" loci.)

Bronxx can produce Polar White, Yellow, Chocolate and Black Labradors.

Bronxx is the son of Heatherdowns Royal Uffda & Daughtery’s Stockton's Secretariat. 

Bronxx's Grandfather is Champion Simerdown Conrad from Dorenshatten Kennels, Alaska.  Please visit www.dornschattenlabradors.com

Bronxx's Pedigree is stacked with Confirmation Champion Titles!!

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OFA Hip Rating is 'Good'

 OFA Elbows 'Normal'

OFA Cardiac


EIC Clear

CNM (Centronuclear Myopothy) Clear

Bronxx is 4 years old and weighs 94lbs.

Bronxx is a yellow Labrador with a very light, (Polar White) coat.  His coat is short, straight, and dense. Bronxx has a very strong wide head.  He has black pigmentation.  His tail is very thick at the base that tappers off at the tip, otter tail appearance.  His even temperament is endearing.